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Every life is precious, and we know your loved one has a story to tell. Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park can help you do this by offering personalization funeral services in Ogden, UT. There are several different ways to make your loved one’s tribute distinctive and memorable. Whether you choose to include a webcast, photo board, tribute video, memory book, or special music, we can make your loved one’s service as unique and colorful as they were in life. A family-operated facility for over 90 years, we can tailor funeral services according to your family’s faith, culture, and preferences. Please reach out to us today to discuss the details of adding personalization elements to a visitation or funeral service. Our experienced funeral directors welcome all ideas and customs you may wish to include.

From Video Tributes to Green Burials, We Offer Unique Options

Requesting personalized funeral services allows you to celebrate and remember the deceased in a more meaningful way than a traditional service alone. By incorporating cherished photos and mementos, you can create a closer connection among those in attendance. Personalization options we offer at Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park include the following:

Custom Printing of Service Folders, Acknowledgement Cards, Memorial Books, and More

Printing service folders, acknowledgment cards, memorial books, and programs containing biographical details about the deceased, along with a special prayer, poem, or artwork, is a time-honored tradition. You may opt to include the readings and songs used during the service. A memorial book allows friends and family to write down memories during the visitation, which then becomes a cherished keepsake.

Photo Boards

Creating a photo board collage allows you to display photos and memories to help funeral attendees remember the deceased during happier times. Some families organize photo boards by decades, trips, or important life milestones. There’s no right or wrong way to create a photo board – let your imagination roam free and encourage participation from various family members to make it special!

Memorial Websites

A memorial website allows families to combine photos, videos, and music with the deceased’s obituary. It also gives visitors the opportunity to sign a virtual guest book, leaving memories in the comments section and connecting with others who are also grieving.

Memory Tables

Many families prefer setting up memory tables to highlight their loved one’s accomplishments, hobbies, and unique interests. We’ve seen various memorabilia, awards, and photographs displayed in this manner. Memory tables make a popular addition to visitation services.

Video Tributes

If desired, our funeral directors can make recommendations for creating and setting up a personalized video tribute for people to watch during your loved one’s visitation. The length may vary, but most video tributes include a plethora of photographs set to the deceased’s favorite music.

Dove, Butterfly, or Balloon Releases

One of the more colorful personalization options we offer is a dove, butterfly, or balloon release at the end of the funeral services. Some families attach small notes to the biodegradable balloons before they’re set off into the sky. A dove, butterfly, or balloon release helps focus on the celebration of life aspect of a funeral and gives friends and family a unique sense of closure.

Special Music

Perhaps you would like to honor your loved one by playing their favorite song or musical artist during their visitation or funeral services. Our funeral directors would be happy to accommodate special music or make professional suggestions if you’re having difficulty deciding on the right music and tone.

Military Tributes (Taps or Echo Taps)

If your loved one served their country in the military, we specialize in planning veteran funeral services to say thank you. Our military tributes usually include a rendering of Taps and a ceremonial presentation of the American flag to the deceased’s next-of-kin.

Bagpipers or Buglers

Bagpipers and buglers are often requested to honor fallen officers, firefighters, soldiers, and others. There’s no substitute for the haunting, dignified sound of “Amazing Grace” and other hymns played on the bagpipes or bugles, a funeral tradition dating back to ancient Celtic cultures in Ireland and Scotland.

Green Burials

Green burials provide a natural alternative to contemporary burial customs involving caskets and embalming fluids. Green burials are gaining in popularity, and Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park would be happy to assist in environmentally sustainable funeral and burial options.

Live Streaming Funeral Service

Accommodate distant family, friends or those that are not feeling well and would not be to attend the funeral with a live stream of the service. Family or friends reviewing remotely will be able to start the healing process along with those in attendance. A live stream enables all in a large social circle to view the funeral together which creates unity and support.

Helping Ogden Families Add Personal Touches for 90+ Years

Whatever personalization funeral services in Ogden, UT you require, Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park would be more than happy to oblige. Nothing is out of our funeral directors’ scope, as we have accommodated special requests, both big and small, over the past 90 years. We encourage you to reach out to us today with your wishes, and we’ll get started immediately on designing the funeral or memorial service befitting of your loved one’s life. It’s also never too early for funeral pre-planning to ensure you’re remembered on your own terms and decisions aren’t left entirely to your grieving family. Everything from the type of service to choosing between cremation and burial products can be done and paid for ahead of time, so your family can focus on incorporating all the personal touches later.

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