Why Choose Us

Since 1929, we have been serving the people of Ogden during some of their most difficult moments. We know that every family we compassionately serve is one of our neighbors, and they’re depending on us to preserve their loved one’s legacy with a meaningful farewell. This is why our services extend even beyond funeral, burial, and cremation arrangements.

Catering To Your Needs

We know you want to take care of your out-of-town guests by offering them a warm reception with food that will comfort them and bring you all together. But managing these details is the last thing on your mind when it’s time to say goodbye to your loved one, so we can manage all of those important aspects for you. We’ll care for your friends and family just like you would.

We can also make available to you and your guests our personal concierge, who can help you find local accommodations, churches, or even clothing stores. All you have to do is ask.

Send Something Beautiful

Whether a beautiful spray of flowers or a heartfelt gift, Leavitt's Mortuary can help you send something that will boost the spirits of those who have lost a loved one.

The Paperwork

Legal paperwork can be daunting under the best of circumstances, let alone during a time of grief. Leavitt's Mortuary can help you with Social Security, veterans, or insurance issues through providing over-the-phone explanations or even helping you fill out the proper forms and paperwork.

If for some reason, we don’t have the answers for you, we’re happy to guide you to useful outside contacts who will. Let Leavitt's Mortuary experts guide you through the process.


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