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In business since 1929, Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park can personalize funeral options for any Ogden, UT family’s faith, culture, and preferences. Whether you’re interested in planning a traditional religious service or something a little more unique, we’re here to accommodate your wishes. Below, please find the answers to questions our funeral directors frequently receive regarding our unique funeral options. Should you not find the specific answer you seek, please reach out to us!

What Is a Funeral? What Type of Service Should I Plan?

A funeral gives grieving friends and family a support system and a chance to say a final farewell to a deceased loved one. Often cited as the first step in the healing process, funerals provide closure. Just as no two individuals are alike, no two funerals are the same. Our experienced funeral directors have planned everything from traditional religious ceremonies in our funeral home chapel to secular end-of-life celebrations. We can help your family plan the perfect tribute, no matter your faith or budget.

Can I Personalize My Loved One’s Funeral Service?

Of course! Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park offers plenty of personalization options to make your loved one’s funeral as unique and memorable as they were in life. From the creation of photo boards, video tributes, and memorial websites to the release of doves or butterflies at their graveside, we allow you to celebrate and remember your loved one in whatever way you see fit.

Why Should We Have a Public Viewing or Visitation Service?

A public viewing or visitation service is often included in funeral arrangements because it provides closure. Commonly called a wake, a public viewing gives friends and family the chance to pay their final respects. Whether you have an open or closed casket is entirely up to you. Many cultures and faiths have specific customs regarding visitation services, and we do our best to honor them all. The viewing usually occurs the night before the funeral, but we’re happy to accommodate what’s best for you.

Why Do We Need to Publish an Obituary Notice?

You would be surprised to discover how many lives one individual touches. Publishing an obituary online or in your local newspaper announces your loved one’s death and the type of funeral service being held, so anyone who wishes to attend may do so. This is often helpful in notifying acquaintances you may otherwise have forgotten to include when notifying immediate family members and friends. Having an obituary notice also conveys information about where to send flowers or charitable donations. Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park also posts obituaries on our website for your convenience.

What Do Funeral Directors Do? Can Funerals Be Pre-Planned?

Our funeral directors are here to aid families during their time of need. Not only do we prepare all the administrative tasks associated with funerals, but we’re also here to offer support and advice, so your family makes informed decisions. We have many years of experience in both planning funeral services and in helping grieving family members cope with death. Depending on your needs, we can provide resources to assist you with funeral pre-planning, obtaining social security or veterans’ benefits, or to find grief support groups for dealing with your loss long after the funeral. All our funeral services can be pre-planned to help ease the burden on your family after you’re gone. Talk to us today for options.

What Should I Do if a Death Occurs in the Middle of the Night or on the Weekend?

If a death has occurred, please reach out to us immediately. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a death occurs at home, you’ll need to call 911, regardless of the time of day. If a death occurs while your loved one is in a medical facility or under supervised care, the facility’s staff will contact the necessary authorities, as well as notify you if you’re the next-of-kin. If we’re already designated as your preferred funeral home, the facility will also notify us at the time of death.

What Should I Do if a Death Occurs While Away from Home?

If a death occurs while away from home, you’ll still need to notify the proper authorities by calling 911. Once the responders arrive, they’ll instruct you further, depending on local regulations. You may also contact our funeral home to assume responsibility for making arrangements on your behalf, especially if the death occurs while you’re visiting another city, state, or foreign country.

Can We Have Visitation & Funeral Services with Cremation?

Absolutely! Many families include visitation and funeral services with cremation. Cremation serves as but one option for the final disposition of the deceased’s body and does not in any way interfere with other funeral plans. Cremation often follows a traditional funeral service with public visitation.

How Much Does the Average Funeral Cost in Ogden, UT?

Because we offer so many personalization options, we cannot give you an exact funeral cost without knowing all the variables involved. Funeral costs will vary significantly, depending on if you select cremation or burial, whether you include visitation or graveside services, and based on other considerations such as transportation, embalming, casket materials, and more. Average funeral costs may be as low as $3,000 for a direct cremation or upwards of $12,000 for a full-service funeral. To learn more about our funeral options in Ogden, UT, we urge you to contact us today via phone or email.


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