Common Questions Regarding Burial Service in Ogden, UT

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For over 90 years, Leavitt’s Mortuary & Aultorest Memorial Park has provided burial services in Ogden, UT reflecting all faiths and cultures. Our burial services can be customized to honor your loved one’s unique memory and personality. Whether you require an immediate burial without a service or a burial service that includes visitation, a funeral, and graveside service, we can accommodate your family’s wishes. We understand many of our clients have questions regarding our burial services and what they include. Below, you’ll find the answers to the most common questions our funeral directors receive. If you don’t see the answer to your question listed, please reach out to us for further information.

What Burial Services Do You Provide at Leavitt’s Mortuary?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” burial. Therefore, we offer several options to personalize our burial services, including immediate burial, visitation, funeral/memorial services, and graveside services.

What Is Direct Burial? Is Direct Burial Right for Our Situation?

Direct, or immediate, burial is done without visitation, graveside services, or an end-of-life celebration. Typically, it involves transporting the body from the place of death directly to the cemetery with a brief stop at our funeral home to obtain the death certificate and prepare the body for burial. Direct burial is done quickly and professionally without any pomp or circumstance. If the deceased didn’t have any loved ones or if the deceased’s family must keep the burial costs as low as possible for budgetary reasons, this may be the best option. If you’re interested in learning more, talk to our team today.

What Is a Graveside Service? Are There Extra Fees for This?

Many families choose to add a graveside service in which to pay their final respects after the funeral or memorial service is held at a church, funeral home chapel, or other meaningful gathering places. There is a procession to the cemetery, which may include a traffic escort, and a brief graveside burial service, which may include a final prayer, music, flowers, or the symbolic release of doves or balloons. A graveside service can also be done instead of the gathering at the church or funeral home chapel. If you’re interested in adding a graveside service, speak to our funeral directors about the fees involved.

How Much Does the Average Burial Casket Cost?

There are several costs that you must consider, including the cost of the casket and the headstone or grave marker plus its installation fees. You’ll also need to plan for the cost to reserve and use the burial plot, as well as the opening and closing fees associated with the gravesite. In addition, you’ll likely need to pay the fees for the casket-lowering device and a one-time endowment care cost to ensure your loved one’s burial site is well-maintained. These costs are determined by the cemetery and will vary.

Does My Loved One Have to Be Embalmed Before Burial?

If you’re planning to include visitation services with an open casket, your loved one will need to be embalmed for the best viewing experience. If you do not require visitation or funeral services, your loved one may not need to be embalmed before burial. It’s always best to check with your funeral director to see if there are specific local or state requirements.

What Is a Burial Vault, and Why Do I Need to Buy One?

A burial vault is a specialized container that houses the casket to prevent settling due to the weight of the earth and maintenance equipment that passes over the gravesite. While its primary function is to protect the casket from settling, it also preserves the burial plot’s beauty and integrity.

Who Will Write My Loved One’s Obituary?

This decision is entirely up to the family. Perhaps there’s a specific friend or family member who was selected for this task by the deceased when they were pre-planning their funeral. Sometimes, the family will select a friend or relative who is known to be an eloquent writer. Other times, the writing of the obituary may be included in our funeral home’s services. Whatever your preferences, just let us know!

Should We Request Memorial Donations Instead of Flowers?

We usually advise families to request both flowers and memorial donations to give the sender the choice to send whatever they feel is appropriate. However, many families do request memorial donations be made to a local charity in lieu of flowers. It’s all a matter of preference and honoring your loved one’s wishes in the best way you see fit.

When Do I Pay for Leavitt’s Funeral & Burial Services?

You’ll need to pay for the funeral and burial services at the time you sign your service contract with us. Some fees will need to be paid to outside vendors as soon as possible, including the costs for the obituary, clergy or musician fees, flowers, and catering. Contact us today to speak with our funeral directors if you have additional questions or concerns regarding payment or planning your service!


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